Cody Gibson

Cody Gibson

Director of Expansion Growth

As the director of expansion and growth at Keller Williams, Cody Gibson instills his passion for providing agents with the coaching, resources, and opportunities they need to embrace limitless thinking throughout every KW office across the world. It’s all part of his enduring commitment to making Keller Williams the best home for teams to thrive and for individuals to bloom. 

Before accepting his new role and responsibilities, Cody spent 20-plus years climbing the ranks of the real estate industry. Most recently, he operated as CEO of the Portland Real Estate Group and the United Home Group (UHG), which collectively operates over 100 offices in 26 states and five countries with over 200 partners. 

As the embodiment of KW’s culture of sharing, Cody has spent 10-plus years as a MAPS BOLD Coach, teaching fellow agents how to replicate his ever-expanding success. He also put his experience to good use during Family Reunion 2020, where he made it through multiple rounds of client objections and fierce competition to earn the inaugural Clash of the Closers crown.

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